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Ways to Stay Active During the Cold Winter Months

Too lazy to make that trek to the gym? Are you tired of the same old routine? Is the cold weather keeping you from achieving your fitness goals? Check out some of these adventurous ways to enjoy the winter months with a new outlook on staying fit!


Ice Skating

This is a great aerobic and social work-out that can be done free of charge in some arenas. To get your heartbeat pumping, skate backwards or quickly back and forth across the ice. This activity can work your muscles in ways they are not used to. A good-ol-fashioned ice hockey game is another great way to have fun and get a good workout in.


Get a group of friends together and head to the mountains. With many different mountains to choose from in Pa, this is a great opportunity to have fun and burn some calories.skiing


Indoor Rock Climbing

Not only is rock climbing a great workout, but it’s also a fun and exciting experience; especially if you’ve never done it before. Grab some friends and turn your lazy Sunday into a full-fledged workout.2012-12-6-RockClimbing


Hot Yoga

Sign up for hot yoga classes over winter break at your local gym. This is a great workout that will keep you sweaty and feeling accomplished as soon as you step outside into the bitter cold air.



Challenge yourself and switch up your routine by going for a swim. With open swim hours at the Nelson Field House and local gyms with pools, you have the opportunity to get a great workout without freezing outside!James+Guy+Swimming+15th+FINA+World+Championships+mKyutU7SWzfl



Home Workouts

Looking for an excuse to not go to the gym? Don’t cut yourself short. With millions of fitness apps and online workouts, pick one that could be done in ten minutes or less. Something is always better than nothing.home-workout-dvd



Bundle up and go for a walk! Whether it’s through town or in the city, it’s a great way to get the heart pumping. Bring a friend or significant other along with you.



Go Shopping

As the holidays approach, so does shopping season. Did you know that you burn 135 calories per hour by just walking around the mall and trying on clothes? Try on new outfits and get some great holiday gifts while staying active at the same time.