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Walmart Receives Major Criticism for “Naughty” Leopard Costume Aged for 2-Year-Old Girls

With the start of fall, Halloween season has begun. Pumpkins are available at all the local grocery stores, pumpkin coffees and deserts are being sold at Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks, and all the Costume industries are stocking their shelves with new Halloween get ups. This season, Walmart offended costumers and parents across the country with a particular outfit on their shelves.

A “Naughty” leopard costume is being sold with an age group directed for two year old girls.

Halloween has always celebrated the evil and scary side that everyone one knows and loves. For adults, the costumes get sexier and naughtier every year especially for young adult women. There is always the typical sexy cowgirl, the naughty nurse, and the naughty school girl on every shelf of the costume industry’s stores.

Many feel as though the “Naughty” leopard costume for 2-year-old girls has taken it a little too far.

The costume itself is nothing to be offended over. It is simply a black dress with sparkles and a little bit of purple leopard print, black stockings, and black and purple leopard print ears on a black headband. It barely looks like a leopard yet alone a “naughty” leopard, whatever that may look like.

The name is what has consumers and parents in a tizzy. The adjective “naughty” has a sexy connotation these days that is hard for any adult to ignore.

Walmart made a public apology to all of its consumers it may have offended.

“It was never our intention to offend anyone and we apologize to any of our customers who may have been offended by the name of the costume,” said Walmart spokeswoman Danit Marquardt.

Next Halloween, Walmart will probably take the names they give children’s costumes into a little more consideration.