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Victoria’s Secret “Perfect Body” Campaign Causing Outrage

Victoria’s Secret is under fire yet again but this time for their new ‘Perfect Body’ campaign that was designed to promote the lingerie line “Body by Victoria.” However, many feel that the ad sends the wrong message to women.


Above is the ad, and as you can see, the words “The Perfect Body” hover over an image of the lingerie lines stunning models. The word ‘body’ was meant to refer to the specific bra called “Body by Victoria” and all of its different styles; but this can easily be misinterpreted because of the placement instead to refer to the ‘perfect’ bodies pictured in the ad. At first glance, it certainly seems like they are referring to the models as having ‘perfect’ bodies.

Come on, Victoria’s Secret. Who clears these advertising campaigns?

The outrage over the campaign is spreading. There is even a petition circling around the U.K. signed by around 20,000 people already demanding that Victoria’s Secret apologize for their “irresponsible,” “body shaming” ad.

The writers of the petition Frances Black, Gabriella Kountourides and Laura Ferris stated, “We have yet to hear a single word from Victoria’s Secret! It can’t be much longer until they listen up and realize that they have some apologizing to do,” TIME reported.

Victoria’s Secret has not made a comment about the growing outrage over the campaign.

However, Victoria’s Secret finally did discretely change the words hovering over the campaign picture. The picture now reads the words, “A Body for Every Body.” They must have been planning a new campaign slogan after the major backlash from the original campaign message.

new campaign pic

The message is only changed on their website and has yet to be changed on the posters in the store.

We should be celebrating the upcoming Victoria’s Secret fashion show, but because of this irresponsible ad, excitement over the show has been pushed to the backburner even for some of the most die-hard Victoria’s Secret fans.

Victoria’s Secret should really consider a new marketing team considering the continuous backlash over their controversial campaigns in recent years.