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Tragedy Hits Home

Early Sunday, Feb. 23 at approximately 1 a.m., a fight broke out on 63 North Iron Street in Bloomsburg, near the campus. Unfortunately, the fight was no ordinary fight. When police came to the scene, the witnesses told them that there was a male who needed medical attention. The male was unconscious when the ambulance came. The victim turned out to be a student at Bloomsburg University named Jackie Lithgow, who is also a Boiling Springs High School alumni. Being a Bubbler means that you know everyone in town and who goes to school with you, and you stay strong with that bond. I was a fellow student with Jackie, we both graduated last year from Boiling Springs, and he is the absolute nicest person you could ever meet. He always has a smile on his face, and says “hi” to everyone he sees that he knows.

I am sure almost anyone could relate, but when I heard about what happened to him, I was just shocked. I could never fathom this happening to anyone, especially such a nice guy like Jackie. I could never even fathom getting that phone call like his parents had to. He was trying to break the fight up, nothing else, but was pushed down onto the ground. It is no surprise that he was the one trying to break it up.

Many of you reading this have probably already heard the case  and are keeping up with it. His family and friends are just in awe about all of the support and prayers that everyone is giving Jackie. It is really heartwarming to see and hear about. If you would like to donate, but do not know how, here are some of the links:


You can buy a T-shirt in support here.

You can donate using this link.


The family has also created a blog for people to keep updated with his progress (yes, progress!)


Anything to help the family-prayers, donating, anything-is such a great boost for the Lithgow family. Thank you for the support, and keep praying for Jackie!