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Top 15 Halloween Pet Costumes of 2013

Halloween means scary movies, candy, and best of all, costumes. Each costume is harder to beat than the last, especially with celebrities setting the bar in creativity this year.  What about our pets, though? If your family is anything like mine, you know you can’t leave your pet out of all the dress-up fun. Absorb some Halloween spirit in this list of Top 15 Halloween Pet Costumes of 2013.


1. Boxer Minnie Mouse

Look at that smile. This Boxer is clearly enjoying her time in the limelight. Minnie Mouse, eat your heart out.


2. Ferret Mario

Some people dress up their dogs, others dress up their ferrets.


3. Mario and Luigi Huskies

Stepping it up from the ferret as Mario, there’s some brotherly love between these two huskies as both Super Mario Bros.


4. Skeleton Horse

Hay now, sticks and stones can’t break these bones.


5. Snow White Puppy

This dog is definitely a fan of true love’s kiss, sloppy ones at that.


6. Shark Reptile

This is my worst nightmare; a shark with legs. The costume is made of only felt; so creative!


7. Yoda Puppy

“Ready for Halloween, I am.”



8. Ariel Kitty

“Look at that yarn – isn’t it neat? Wouldn’t you say my collection’s complete?”


9. The Wrecking Pug

All he wanted was to catch the ball – not be one.


10. Hello Kitty

Yo dawg, we heard you like cats so we took your cat and put it in a cat costume for a cat.


11. The Scarecrow

In the Wizard of Oz, the scarecrow needs a brain. You might be feeling more like the Tin Man who needs a new heart after this puppy melts yours, though.


12. Chia Pet

Do not try this at home. Watering your dog will NOT create the same desired effects as above.


13. Taco Cat

Taco cat spelled backwards is taco cat.

14. The Hulk

One of the many reasons why you should not make a bulldog angry.


15. Vampire Hedgehog

I know you think he looks cute, but he’s actually a real prick. #HedgehogJokes


Think you have a cuter costumed pet than this year’s top 15? Post your pictures to twitter and hashtag BUnow! @BUnowcom