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To The Teacher Who Inspired Me

This letter is for the teacher that inspired me to become a writer and explore a world full of literature and plays.  This teacher, for me, made school interesting and fun.

Dear, High School English Teacher,

I would like to thank you for everything you taught me in the two years I got to sit in your class.  I was never interested in English because I found the grammatical portion of it boring and the stories we read bored me to the point of falling asleep. When I first entered your class in my junior year of high school, I thought it would be just as boring as all my other ones.  To my surprise, I ended up loving your class.  We read what is now one of my favorite plays, The Crucible.  You even got me to enjoy poetry.  I enjoyed your class so much I decided to take your Shakespeare and the Novel course for my senior year. This class is definitely the reason I ended up loving plays and several novels most people don’t read anymore.


We read Hamlet, which is one of the most interesting plays I’ve ever read.  I actually see it in a lot of shows and movies but mainly Son’s of Anarchy and The Lion King.  Aside from all the plays  you got me to love, we also read what I now consider my  favorite book: The Great Gatsby.  Not only did we read the book but we always went over the author and how they became the amazing writers they were.cover225x225

During your class I decided I wanted a career that involved a lot of writing. I also took a lot of English courses in college because I was hoping to find them as interesting as your class was.  Most of my college career, in fact, was spent in English classes because they were more interesting to me than anything else in other departments. Gatsby_1925_jacket

So, I would like to thank you for making my last two years of high school interesting and inspiring me to become the writer I am today.  Also, thank you for getting me super interested in the world of plays and always inviting me to go see them even after I left your class.  I also wouldn’t see the most ridiculous grammatical errors in different places of my work if it wasn’t for you sharing all your funny finds that showed us the correct way to write.  Taking your classes in high school was definitely the best thing I ever did.


A Grateful Student