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The Unsent Project

Tumblr and Instagram user, Rora Blue has started a new beautiful and poignant project that is intriguing social media account users everywhere. The project launched through 19 year-old Blue’s Tumblr account and is titled the “Unsent Project,” where individuals are asked to submit a text message that they wish they could send to their first love.


The responses are as heartwarming and heartbreaking as you would imagine. They truly sum up love and all of its pits and peaks. The submissions are posted to the archives section of Blue’s Tumblr and many have been shared and posted on social media such as Twitter and Instagram.


The original prompt posted by Blue was, “State your first loves name and tell me what you would tell them if you sent them a text message. Also include the color that you think of when you think of your first love.” She received over 2,000 responses to this one prompt. She printed out 400 of the submissions and made a collage of them, arranging them by color.

Blue has also printed out and shared many of the submissions on her Instagram. By typing the hashtag #unsentproject into your accounts you will enter a world of past loves and all the heartache, relief, anger, and humor they stir up.

“I think what makes the project so unique is that while everyone was asked the same question, every response has a very different and important meaning.”

Blue’s project is much more than a simple social media experiment or piece of artwork because it’s real, real people with real emotions. The concept of people revealing what they would say to the person they loved first via text message is interesting enough, so adding the question of what color love is viewed as is especially cool. Blue says her original goal was to discover what color individuals see love in, and I think it’s fascinating to see what colors people have chosen. But, it’s difficult not to wonder whether or not they see love in that color or just the love they shared with that first, special person.two unsent

While the color sends a message in itself, reading the unsent text is an entirely different phenomena. It is obvious that tons of individuals feel they left too much unsaid when a relationship ended. I think what makes the project so unique is that while everyone was asked the same question, every response has a very different and important meaning. Some stories will tug at your heart strings, others will make you laugh, and others represent a lot of rage.



dont try unsentThe messages can be relatable to so many people, even though they’re all from different relationships. It’s really insightful and interesting to read through the submissions. I think anyone who has been in love should check them out because we’ve all shared these similar feelings, especially regret of what we said, did, and most importantly what we didn’t say or do.

As you read, you may even want to submit your own. Don’t worry, when an unsent message is submitted, the message remains completely anonymous. A submission can be sent here.

I’d like to send a kudos to Blue for brainstorming such a creative and emotion provoking project. If you haven’t checked out the Unsent Project yet, make sure you do.

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