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The Tan of the Present

Want to get a tan without the risks of harmful UV rays? Sunless tanning has come a long way since the days of orange coloration and streakiness.

Sephora hosts dozens of self tanners for every inch of the body. Mists, gels, moisturizers, foams, and creams in bottles of all shapes and sizes are available, and the tanning products at Sephora range from around $20.00 to about $50.00. Two of the top selling brands are Clarins and Mystic Tan. Even Michael Kors has put out a tanning shine for legs.Other tanning products include moisturizer to increase the longevity of a sunless tan. Moisturizer helps keep a sunless tan intact for a longer period of time. If your self tanning experience happens to turn ugly, you can purchase self-tan remover packets. This especially helpful since sunless tanner users often stain their hands my mistake during application.Not wanting to spend a ton of money or order online?Walmart stocks SunDial™ Self-Tanner. The SunDial self-tanner by Banana Boat can be adjusted with a dial for your skin tone. Tanning moisturizers can be found at many pharmacies and grocery stores like NIVEA’s self-tan spray and lotion. NIVEA also sells self-tan wipes. Dove also has a self-tan moisturizer Energy Glow.Remember the best way to have equal coverage of a sunless tan is to exfoliate your skin.For helpful sunless tanning tips visit: SunlessTipsTanning in Bloomsburg Pa.: Venus Spa and Skin Care Center offers sunless tanning services.

(Above: A variety of sunless tanning methods)

Melissa M.


  1. How’s does liquid tan affect skin? Any problems associated with long term use?

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