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The Secret Starbucks Menu: Holiday Edition

Starbucks has changed up their menu for the Holidays with their seasonal peppermint mocha and caramel burlee latte.

However, there is a way to look behind the menu and explore their secret menu. These secret menu items are for the holiday season. It is never too cold to have a Frappuccino and never too late try out new things. These “secret” items can be found  here. The site posts recipes that customers and Starbucks Baristas have created.

Remember when ordering a secret menu drink, not all baristas are aware of these secret drinks and their names. When you are ordering a drink from the secret menu remember what is in it and the baristas will happily make it for you. Just be prepared for any extra costs.

1.     Harry Potter’s Butterbeer Frappuccino and Hot Latte

You do not need to travel down to Florida to try their Butterbeer (we all still want to go either way) in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. To get the Frappuccino version, ask for a crème base Frap and make sure it is whole milk to get the right taste. Ask for caramel and toffee nut syrup to be blended in. Then top with it with a caramel drizzle.

For a hot butterbeer latte, make sure you order whole milk steamer with caramel syrup, toffee nut syrup and cinnamon dolce syrup. Top it with whipped cream and salted caramel bit. You will feel like you are at Hogwarts studying for those exams sipping some tasty butterbeer.


2.     Christmas Cookie Frappuccino

Christmas is coming fast and a good beverage if you are craving a holiday treat. Order a crème base Frappuccino and ask for peppermint and Toffee nut syrup in it. Finally, have it topped with whipped cream; sprinkle a raw sugar packet on top. You can also top it with a caramel drizzle.


3.     Caramel Snickerdoddle Macchiato

If you love snicker doddle cookies, why not try it as a beverage? Order an iced caramel macchiato and ask to have it upside down. Then ask the baristas to add vanilla and cinnamon dolce syrup.


 4.      Cookie Dough Frappuccino

We are all guilty of eating the dough, when baking for a holidays, once in our lifetime. Save the dough and order a Frappuccino instead. Order a chai crème Frap with soymilk. Ask for cinnamon dolce syrup, java chips and whipped crème blended in (yes-whipped crème). Finally, top it with whipped crème and mocha syrup on top.


5.     The Roasted Chestnut

You don’t need an open fire to whip up the Roasted Chestnut, let the Starbucks barista make you one. Start with ordering a Hazelnut Macchiato and ask to add toffee nut, white chocolate mocha, and EXTRA hazelnut syrup. Top your drink by asking for whipped cream and a hazelnut drizzle.


 6.  The Fuzzy Rabbit

No bunnies are harmed when making this drink! You will just feel warm and fuzzy drinking this concoction. This is an easy order, just ask for a latte with white mocha and hazelnut syrup.


 7.   Holiday Apple Spice

Not a big coffee person? Do not worry, order steamed apple juice and asked for gingerbread syrup in it. Top it spiced whipped cream and a caramel drizzle.


8.     Burnt Marshmallow

This drink is simple as burning a marshmallow itself. Just order an espresso macchiato with white mocha sauce and a caramel drizzle.



Some of the syrups such as toffee nut are seasonal and only available for a limited time. Which one would you try for the holidays?