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The Last Time the Oilers Were in the Playoffs…

Last night, the Edmonton Oilers defeated the L.A. Kings 2-1 to clinch their first Stanley Cup Playoff berth since 2006. Their 10-season long playoff drought was the longest active streak in the NHL.

Now, 2006 doesn’t seem that long ago but so much has changed since then. Let me show you some things, NHL related and non-NHL related, that were still around the last time Edmonton made it to the postseason:

  1. The Anaheim Ducks were still the Mighty DucksImage result for mighty ducks logo
  2. NHL sensations Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin were rookiesImage result for crosby and ovechkin rookies
  3. Mario Lemieux was playing for the PenguinsImage result for mario lemieux 2006
  4. The Atlanta Thrashers were still an active NHL teamImage result for atlanta thrashers
  5. Twitter was launchedImage result for twitter
  6. Facebook became open to the worldImage result for facebook
  7. People used iPod NanosImage result for ipod nano
  8. Kids wore Heelys shoesImage result for heelys
  9. The number one television show was HBO’s “The Wire” (followed by NBC’s “The Office”)Image result for the wire hbo
  10. Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy” was the top song of the yearImage result for gnarls barkley crazy
  11. “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest” was the highest grossing movieImage result for pirates of the caribbean dead man's chest
  12. Microsoft launched its own mp3 player: the ZuneImage result for zune

So, a lot has changed since the days of ’06 but one thing is for sure, the Oilers are back in the hunt for the Stanley Cup.


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