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The Inevitable Stages of Spending Valentine’s Day Alone

Let’s face it, we all want to own being single on Valentine’s Day, but most of us can’t.


You’ll probably start out the day, or the days before, being all confident and telling your friends that you’re perfectly content with being single.

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Now, some of you might be telling the truth, but most of us think we are perfectly fine until we come to the sad realization that we are not okay with it. This typically happens when we wake up the morning of Valentine’s Day. Your self-loathing will hit you instantly, and you’ll act miserable towards everyone.



Your friends will most likely try to bring you out of that mood, but what do they know? They’re all in relationships. So you try to explain it to them:

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Luckily, you have that one friend who you can always rely on to have a good time. So, you put on your hottest outfit and head out for the night, ready to forget about Valentine’s Day and how single you are. Maybe, you’ll even wake up the next morning and forget about the entire night.

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Now that you have had a few, or a lot of drinks in you, you’re as happy as can be. The single life is awesome.


But, after a few more drinks, your mood takes a sudden turn. You’ve now become that crying drunk girl who can’t get over being single on Valentine’s Day.


Because you’ve become embarrassing, your friends decide it’s time to take you home. Now that you’re left alone all that’s left to do is feed your drunk, miserable self by eating your feelings.


Finally, when you wake up the next morning, you will instantly regret letting Valentine’s Day get the best of you.