TGFTDB (Thank God for the “Dad Bod”)

Women everywhere are coming out of the woodwork about being attracted to the “Dad” body type. Personally, I am so relieved that this is now popular. I like this so-called “Dad bod.” You may not agree with me, but it’s totally my type. Everyone has their type, and recently many women are admitting that they find the “Dad” body very attractive. It’s sweeping the nation. If you haven’t heard of this, then you’re way out of the loop.

So what is this “Dad bod?”

I asked women ages 18-23 and here is what they gave for a definition:

  1. “The happy medium between fat and scrawny”
  1. “The Leonardo Dicaprio body”
  1. “The one you never even realized had a “Dad” body until the term “Dad bod” was released”
  1. “Squishy like the Pillsbury dough boy”
  1. “Star football players who let themselves go in high school” -Couldn’t. Agree. More.
  1. “Every fraternity boy in Bloomsburg”

dad bods

Here is my very own definition:

This “Dad” body is a combination of many things.

The shoulders must be broad. He must have good posture, big arm muscles and preferably over six feet. He must have a not too toned abdomen, a little beer belly is fine, which shows he’s always down for a drink, and when I say drink I mean A LOT of drinks. He eats more than you. He must have big hands, for sure. He has strong legs and a little facial hair. They don’t have to necessarily have kids, but if this man does, it wins them brownie points. Ladies, it’s very attractive that a man can take care of a child; it shows that they can handle a lot of responsibility and it’s also super cute!

Why do women like this “Dad bod” so much?

I think most women agree they want a man who is taller, and bigger than themselves. Who doesn’t like being picked up by a huge man and spun around in a hug? Total Notebook moment, featuring Noah, having the “Dad bod.”


     7. “Dad bods” make for great cuddle buddies.”

  1. “They have more cushion to cuddle with.”
  1. “I like “Dad bods” because I hate boys who are really into working out. They’re all into gains and pre-workout stuff, and that freaks me out.”
  1. “Makes me feel safe because they are strong. If someone were to rob my brand new Michael Kors I know he could personally victimize the robber.”
  1. “I like that I’m not fatter than them.”
  1. “They can drink heavily and still be able to walk me home.”

I also believe that women find this type of body attractive because women don’t have to compete with their man whom has the better body. Sure, it’s awesome if you go to the gym and are striving for that “totally ripped dude” type figure, but women are sticklers about their figures. I, personally, wouldn’t want to date a man who is super thin and extremely ripped.

One person I interviewed even added, “You don’t have to feel insecure. They’re always down for a beer, food and will eat without judging you.”

So, what do guys think about women drooling over the “Dad bod”? Well, I also asked men ages 18-23 what they think.

  1. “I think it’s great because it gives slackers a chance with beautiful women.”

     2.“I just don’t get it, all those years at the gym, for nothing.”tumblr_nnu2y05JWL1r27q2ro1_1280

  1. “A girl can like whatever body type they choose.”
  1. “I’d say it’s gross, but also understandable because guys think the same
    way about moms, everyone has their fantasies.”
  1. “Having a “dad bod” may show that the person isn’t totally afraid to drink a few beers, which aren’t considered part of a perfectly healthy lifestyle or afraid to eat not-so healthy foods.”
  1. “I think it’s stupid and this trend will not last.”

So do we think this trend will last? Who knows? I think it’s always been something women were into, but now it’s just becoming more popular. I believe people are becoming more accepting.

The “perfect” man doesn’t have to have 6 pack abs and huge biceps. Let the “Dad bod” live on!

Before we know it, the “Mom bod” will start trending. Who knows what that will entail…but as for now TGFTDB. (Thank God For The Dad Bod).