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Teenager Caught Selling Weed Brownies in Order to Buy Prom Dress

Saira Munoz, a senior of Yuba City, Ca., had a bake sale to raise money to buy a prom dress. She was arrested because she had laced the brownies with marijuana and was selling them to fellow high school students.

dskfdsklfMunoz was sentenced to four years’ probation and her deportation to her native country of Mexico is even a possibility at this point.

Her bake sale was brought to attention after a fellow classmate ate her brownie concoction and became ill. The student was rushed to the hospital by ambulance where the source of their illness became known and reported to local authorities.

What makes her crime worse is that Munoz hired another student to help her sell the marijuana brownies so she was also charged with the felony of employing a minor.

Federal authorities were informed of Munoz’s crime and possible deportation proceedings are a possibility.

It is sad that Munoz did not have the money available to her to buy a prom dress, but regardless, many young women across the United States also face this same problem and do not resort to selling drugs.

I think that four years’ probation is a little much; I think two years would have been sufficient; after all, she is still just aksdfjsla teenager. The threat of deportation is absolutely ridiculous. She has been a legal citizen since 2000 and I believe she has a right to remain a citizen and undergo her probation in the United States.

The Official website of the Department of Homeland Security defines deportation as, “the formal removal of an alien from the United States when the alien has been found removable for violating the immigration laws.” Munoz is not in violation of immigration laws according to this statement, so her deportation should not be up for consideration.