If you’re not a regular football fan and you’re trying to figure out what to do during a Super Bowl party, chances are it can be a little confusing. So, here is the breakdown of what you should and shouldn’t do during the Super Bowl.

Don’t: Eat all  the food

The Super Bowl is like heaven for appetizers. The chips, dips and hot snacks—yum! Just be sure that you’re leaving enough for everyone else. Yes, the artichoke dip might be awesome, but don’t be that guy who eats it all.

Do: Bring food with you

If you know you have a problem controlling yourself around all of the deliciousness make sure you at least contribute to the stockade of refreshments.

Don’t: Pretend you know what’s going on if you have no clue

Everyone knows that the Super Bowl attracts people for different reasons; there’s the game, commercials, and half-time act. That being said, regular season fans know when you have no idea what you’re talking about and expect you to have a different reason to be watching. So don’t fake us out because we’ll know and most likely be annoyed.

Do: Enjoy the festivities

If you LOVE watching the commercials or half-time is the only time that’s important to you that’s great, you don’t have to be a huge football fan to enjoy the game. But, if you don’t like any of these things then you’re probably better off hanging out in the kitchen or just staying home.

Don’t: Talk about your team the entire game

“Well if [insert player here] was here the [insert team name here] would’ve had that touchdown.” Please stop. It’s understandable that every fan loves their team, but today is only about two teams—deal with it.

Do: Decide on which team to root for

Consult the team’s Super Bowl appearance history and number of wins. Do you like the underdog? What team is everyone else cheering for? Maybe you’re just cheering for the lesser of two evils or maybe you’re a lucky fan whose team is playing. Either way, taking a side makes the game more fun.

Don’t: Create a shrine for your team in your living room

Covering the room with your team’s memorabilia won’t make them play any better. Yes, for some fans today might feel just like Christmas, but go easy with the decorations. After all, what happens if your team doesn’t walk away with the Vince Lombardi trophy at the end?

Do: Throw together some team or football inspired decorum

Have you been saving that football shaped platter for a special occasion? Well, go ahead and whip it out. If your team is playing then add some color coordinated decorations around the room, maybe a couple posters.

Don’t: Get Super Bowl sloppy

This rule goes for food and drinks. Keep yourself together. Sure, maybe all you want to do is drown your sorrows or heighten your celebrations with booze and you’ve allowed yourself to cheat on your diet today so you feel like a dog off their leash; just remember that you have to go into work tomorrow. Plus, if you call in with the “stomach flu” everyone will know you went too hard.

Do: Enjoy the refreshments today has to offer

The Super Bowl is a day to hang out with good friends, watch an American sport, eat, drink, and be merry. So if you’re fighting your desire to have one more potato skin—go for it!

Keep these Do’s and Don’ts in your rulebook during the game and you’ll surely have no penalties called on you! Think there’s a Do or Don’t that should have made the list? Let us know in the comments! Enjoy the Super Bowl everyone!