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Stereotypes: Football Game Watchers

Everyone’s leaned in and stressed. Some are biting their fists, others are hugging a pillow, while some are busy demolishing dip. This is football season and whether or not you’re an experienced watcher of the game or new to it, there are certain people whom you will always find watching it. These are the stereotypes of football game watchers…

Mr. Merchandise

This type of person is hard to miss. They’ll be decked out from head to toe in their team’s attire. Hats, special jerseys, team t-shirts under their jersey, pants, socks, slippers, blankets, and possibly face paint will be worn with their team’s logo, likely all at the same time if Mr. Merchandise has his way.

      Mr. Merchandise

Mr. Fantasy Football

This type of guy will base who he’s rooting for based solely on whether he has them for fantasy. They’ll check their phones after every couple of plays to see if their score has gone up, and if it has the entire party will know.


The Stats Guy

He’s pretty easy to spot because when he’s talking only half of the party follows exactly what he’s saying. The other half is shocked that he knows that much. All the big time football fans want him around because he can back up their arguments with all of his facts.


The Predictor

These guys and The Stats Guy are pretty similar animals. They’re usually sitting next to each other or calling out to each other. It’s also not surprising if The Stats Guy and The Predictor are the same person. That being said, The Predictor will be saying things like “I called that” or “By the end of the season/game/quarter/play… is gonna happen.” These guys have some sort of magical football power.


The Blind fan

These are the fans that annoy experienced game watchers. The Blind Fans aren’t afraid to start an argument. They’re typically fans of teams with a lot of Super Bowl rings so that if they do end up getting into it, they can slyly ask how many rings the opponent’s team has. But even if that’s not the case, they’ll still defend their team to the death whether or not their arguments make any sense.


The One Not Paying Any Attention

There’s always one at a football game gathering who could care less about the game. They’ll be on their phone or laptop the whole time doing anything that doesn’t involve the game. They might look up when everybody else is going wild over a touchdown and add some words of support, but then they’re right back to their computer screen.


The Trash Talker

Any and every opportunity these guys get to talk trash, they will. It doesn’t matter if their team is down or not, they will always have something to say about the other team. If their team is up or ends up winning, then they will not stop talking about how great they are for weeks, if you’re lucky.


The Girl

There are two types of girls found watching football. One of them has no idea what’s going on. They might pretend to know football or flat out say they have no idea. Either way they’ll either be on their phones or asking questions about football basics; for example, what a first down is. The second kind of girl knows football and loves getting the chance to talk about it. They’re experienced enough to earn a spot in one of the other stereotypes.

girlno      girlyes


The Whiner

Everything is an issue for the whiners. The players are dumb, the coach makes bad calls, and the referees are always against their teams. This is one of the most annoying game watchers out of the stereotypes.


Mr. Hype

There’s no question that they’ll be wearing their jerseys all of game day. They’re the ones jumping out of their seats, clapping at every good play, yelling, and talking to the television. Don’t be surprised when they jump up yelling at the T.V. when their teams score a touchdown because if you’re not ready for the celebration it will definitely be surprising.


No matter what team you’re rooting for this season, look out for these stereotypes. Better yet, which one describes you? Let us know in the comments below and may the best team win!








Abigail Willcox

Abbey Willcox is a secondary education and English major at Bloomsburg University with a minor in creative writing. She is currently the Opinion and Editorial editor. Abbey focuses on creating fun, interesting and informative articles while helping others shape their unique crafts.