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Spring Break Body in a Week

Spring Break is approaching fast, and I’m sure, just like me, you’ve totally slacked and aren’t ready to sport a bikini. That is, if you’re going somewhere nice and warm for break. So, here’s a few tips and tricks to have your body looking perfectly slim, toned, and tan for whatever adventures and parties you partake during  this Spring Break:


7-chicken-tenderloins-afOne of the best things you can do this week, or longer if you planned this out better, is eat lean proteins and low Glycemic Index carbohydrates while drinking plenty of water. Restrain yourself from eating red meats and swap them out for poultry or fish.  Instead of white bread eat whole wheat or pumpernickel bread. Throw in some other low GI carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes, oatmeal, corn and some green veggies, and your diet should be good. Eating these foods will help you burn calories and drop a couple pounds. If you add in exercise with this, you could even replace that fat you burned with muscle.

If you want to be even more disciplined, only drink water, cut out salt and carbs, and up your fiber intake.


You may think that you should start a super intense exercise routine, but that won’t work out. First of all, you’ll struggle to do it and you’ll probably give up. If you don’t give up, chances are high that you will somehow injure yourself trying to do crazy exercises. Skip Googling intense workouts that most likely won’t work and do something simple.

Hula-Hoop1Choose an activity that you enjoy such as jogging, dancing, walking, swimming, hula-hooping, or whatever it is that involves movement and do that for 30 minutes each day. If you enjoy doing it, you will actually keep up with it and it won’t be a hassle to do. Remember, you only have a week so you have to put in the work every day. So if dancing is what you love, blast some music and dance the day away. It will honestly help as long as you combine it with the other tips.

Fake It

Maybe the tips above seem like too much work. There are lazy ways you can fake looking slim, toned, and tan.

jergensIt’s pretty easy to fake a tan. Yes, you could go tanning, but that costs money and can be harmful to your skin, so I wouldn’t recommend that. There are plenty of lotions you can buy that will gradually make you tanner. One of my personal favorites is Jergens Natural Glow. If you apply it daily, it’s a nice gradual change that doesn’t look fake. Make sure to buy the face moisturizer version of this, or at least apply bronzer to your face as well. You don’t want a ghostly looking face and a tan body. That looks bad and is obviously fake. This tan will instantly make you more confident. Tans tend to hide your blemishes and make you seem more toned.

Wearing the right bathing suit can change the appearance of your body. Here’s a few tips of what type of bathing suit you should wear based off of your body:


If you’re curvy all over, wear a bathing suit that provides support and coverage for you. As for styles, try bathing suits that have color blocking which highlights your shape, or are asymmetrical, drawing a line toward your neckline and accentuating your collarbone.




imgresApple Shaped (most of your weight is in your middle)

If you want to conceal your stomach, try a bathing suit such as a tankini, but make sure the top goes all the way down to your bottoms so you don’t have that awkward gap showing off a tiny section of your stomach. You can also try a retro high-waisted bathing suit which conceals a lot of your stomach. Remember, dark colors are always slimming.





If you have an athletic shape and are pretty much straight up-and-down, try bathing suits with less coverage that will add shapeliness. Bathing suits such as monokinis or string bikinis can help create shape. The strings on the sides of bottoms help elongate your legs and enhance curves. You can also try wearing bathing suits with ruffles, embellishments, or bold patterns to help create shape.




asos-pink-mini-3d-flower-triangle-bikini-top-product-4-6563142-836786849_large_flexSmall Bust

If you’re really small on the top, you need to look for bathing suits with patterns, ruffles, and embellishments to add volume to your top. There is a perk to having a small bust though: you can wear almost any type of top. Triangle tops create an illusion of curves and bra tops (especially pushups) create nice cleavage, but you can also get away with wearing scoop tops and bandeaus because of your smaller bust.



Large BustA329T   

If you have a larger bust, the key is to wear a top with support. Try wearing bathing suits with underwire and avoid ruffles and embellishments so you don’t draw more attention to your chest. Bathing suits with underwire will help provide support and the thicker the straps for your top, the better support you will get.



MT12M14_BLKPear Shape

If you’re a pear shape where you are curvy near your thighs and hips, but smaller on the top, opt for bathing suits that will balance your proportions and provide the coverage on the bottom that you need. For bottoms, avoid thick bands and boy shorts because all that fabric will draw attention. To bring attention to your top instead, try a plunging neckline.





With these tips, and your devotion, you should be set to have a stunning body in time for Spring Break. Next year, though, maybe try not to wait until a week before Spring Break to get your body looking the way you want it to.