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Spiral Frog Takes Place of Ruckus

Sorry to say it, but all our hope and dreams for having free legal music have come to an end.

Perhaps its because people abused the service, and Sony as well as other companies are laying off their engineers due to the financial crisis, but I think there is more to it.

It ended approximately a few weeks ago, and anyone who used the program is most likely unable to now.  I have found an alternative, but its just not as good as Ruckus was or ever will be (I doubt it…)!  It’s called SpiralFrog at spiralfrog.com.

It definitely sucks to see a good service like this leave our hands, but SpiralFrog is a nice alternative for now anyways.

These programs were both legal programs that allowed college students the ability to download free while legal music.  These services aren’t illegal in any way.