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Spice up Your Spring Workouts

It is finally that time of year when you can break out of your usual gym routine and spice things up in the lovely spring weather. You can say goodbye to those boring treadmills, and the rest of those monstrous machines. The best part about spring is enjoying the new delightful weather, while you witness things come back to life… including your workout routine.

Here are some great activities that will have you enjoying the most of this spring weather:

1. Running Outside
Running outside allows the chance to give your joints a rest from the treadmill. Running is one of the most effective ways to burn calories and relieve stress. Plus ladies, it will keep your hips, thighs and waist nice and slim… and who doesn’t want that?Unknown

2. Yoga
Yoga is a wonderful year-round activity; it enhances strength, flexibility, and mental concentration. Now that it’s spring, it’s time to bring out the most vibrant yoga mat that you own. Move your yoga regimen outdoors, this way you will benefit from the soothing effects of nature.

3. Bike Riding
Now that this brutal snow has paid its last visit, it’s an opportunity to take advantage of the new beautiful scenery. Biking is known to be a low impact sport that is easy on your joints, which is a nice routine change if you are a regular runner. This activity also can lower anxiety and keep your lower body in superb shape.

4. Roller Skating
This is a great aerobic activity; it is another activity that can relieve the stress on your joints. Since this is another alternative to running, it will keep your lower body in great shape, and it is an excellent calorie burner. Above all else it is extremely fun!

5. Rock Climbingimages-4
Relieves stress, teaches perseverance, and is mentally beneficial. It’s a good way to enjoy the nature around you and it improves strength in almost every part of your body, from the brain to your muscles.

6. Jump rope
Bring out your inner child! It doesn’t matter how good or bad you are; go jump rope and have a good time. Jumping rope is a great cardio workout that improves coordination, endurance, and it is a wonderful way to burn calories.

7. Kayaking/ Canoeing
This is a great way to improve muscular strength in the back, arms, and this activity can increase your endurance. Kayaking is also just a really fun day activity to do. Even if this isn’t an exercise that you would like to make a part imagesof your regular routine, try it out for the experience.

8. Hiking/Walking
Walking is the most natural and common exercise; it is a part of our everyday life. Since this torturous weather has finally come to a close, what better way to embrace than by walking outside, even take it a step further, go out and explore the new life that has sprung by taking a hike. Fresh air does wonders for the skin.

What better way to experience the spring then actually being outside? So get up, get outside.