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Sorority Rush

Right now sorority rush is taking place and I encourage anyone who has a G.P.A of 2.2 or higher to sign up!

Being in a sorority is much more than what it appears on the outside. It is a very rewarding, life changing experience. You get to learn how an effective organization works, you get to build your resume with lots of community service, you get to make friends who will be in your life forever, you get to meet lots of other people around campus, and I wont leave out all the fun you will have at the endless social events.

Hurry and sign up it’s not too late! And if you miss out on rush you can always C.O.B before September 25th, which means you approach the sorority you are interested in joining and tell it you want to C.O.B. We have many different sororities on campus that have alot to offer, there is truly a place for everyone.


P.S. Rush Chi Sigma Rho šŸ˜‰


  1. I agree! Everyone should think about joining, its a great experience and you’ll make life long friends!


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