Social Experiment or Just Another Hoax?

Now, I’m sure many of you have seen the catcalling video of the girl walking in NYC. Well, here’s another version of that kind of social experiment. In this video, they have an actress walking around the streets of Hollywood Boulevard asking for directions to the nearest bus stop while she is pretending to be highly intoxicated. Out of all of the men that stopped to “help” the girl, only one actually tried to direct her to the closest bus stop.

The purpose of this video director, Stephen Zhang, aimed to get at was bringing awareness to how easy it is for someone to be at risk with assault. During the video, you notice all but one of the men that she asked for directions tried to bring this “drunk” stranger home with them. Coming from a college student’s point of view, we aren’t the most careful human beings on the planet when we have a drink or too many in us. Some people don’t realize how easily these types of situations can occur.

However, after the video was released there was controversy on whether or not it was a hoax. According to The Smoking Gun, this video is the latest viral internet hoax. Apparently, the director had fed the lines to the perpetrators, in which they thought they were appearing in a student film.

Unfortunately, with all attempts to shed light on a controversial topic, there will come the negative feedback as well as the positive. Whether the video was a hoax or not, the video was meant to bring in attention and it sure did.