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Signs Your Crush Likes You

In our young teenage years, we often have crushes or crush on someone we have been eyeing out for a while. It’s very normal to have these crushes. Some reasons as to why we do not tell our crushes how we truly feel are that we may be shy, too scared of what the other person will say, or they might have a significant other we don’t know about. But, there are ways to figure out if that person is crushing on you:quote

  1. Look at their body language. Do they keep a close distance or crouch over when they are talking to you and gaze into your eyes as if they are really interested in what you are saying? Do they give you a small perky smile or stare at you from across the room and act like they didn’t see you?  These are good body language signs to look out for that could mean your crush likes you.
  2. Notice the information they give you. Are they telling you secrets they never told anybody else before? Are they telling you how their day went and asking how yours was as well? The topics can be random, from personal life to the kind of things they like, but if someone is asking you certain things to try to get to know you better, that is a strong sign that they like you. It’s even better when it seems that they only want to listen to what you have to say.
  3. Pay attention to physical contact. Does he/she make a cute laugh or touch your arm or hand? Do they kiss you on your cheek or forehead?Sometimes people who like the other person tease them or throw things at them to get their attention. Does he/she ask for piggy back rides or to hold your hand when walking across the street?


In conclusion, if you have a crush on someone, look out for some of these signs signaling they may be crushing on you too. Don’t be afraid to ask your crush out on a date or ask them if they like you. Be brave and confident.

Comment below with some signals you give to your crush to try to show them how you feel!


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