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Scheduling: The Downfall of Bloomsburg University?

Stressed Out Bloom Student Scheduling Classes

Anyone who currently attends Bloomsburg University knows the trials and tribulations of scheduling classes for upcoming semesters.

Throughout my years at Bloomsburg University I have had countless problems with the scheduling system and all that it entails. Sometimes the dilemma is finding open classes; sometimes it is trying to get into specific classes in order to graduate on time. No matter what the crisis, this problem is one that needs to be solved.

As a junior at Bloomsburg I have scheduled a total of six times, and each time was worse than the last. Last semester I had to wake up at 8 a.m. on a Friday and at 8:01 the whole ISIS system crashed. I wasn’t able to choose any classes until almost 10:00. Bloomsburg knows how many students are going to be scheduling during allotted time periods and they need to have a program that can handle all the traffic.

Not only have I personally experienced trouble with the scheduling process, but I also know of many other students who have had their own troubles. Brooke Schlenker, a junior at Bloomsburg, had trouble getting into the classes she needed in order to graduate on time. According to Schlenker, “Not only did I not get into the classes I needed but I found out that sophomores had. Sophomores who had years to fulfill those requirements.”  Schlenker also said that because of the horrific scheduling problem she is going to need to stay at Bloomsburg for another semester.

Over the years some students have become skeptical of Bloomsburg’s scheduling process saying it is a secret ploy to keep them at the university longer and steal their money. With the new Hartline building and all the updates to Elwell, wouldn’t that make sense? Does the school believe that making the scheduling system difficult it’ll be able to get more than four years worth of tuition? I’m not sure of all this, but what I am sure of is that it is not something to be proud of.

So what can Bloom students do to make sure they get the classes they need? First, students should meet with their advisors as early as possible to ensure a seat in necessary classes. Second, students should not wait until their senior year to take any general education courses they will need in order to graduate. Third, Bloomsburg students need to be organized as to what classes they should take in what semesters. This kind of organization along with the other two suggestions will guarantee graduating on time.

No one really knows why Bloomsburg University’s scheduling process is so awful, but one thing is for sure and that is it needs to change. The school needs to step up and understand the frustration that the students endure every time we have to schedule for the upcoming semester. This process of picking out new classes with new teachers should be something for students to enjoy not dread. I think I speak for most students when I say that this is a very frustrating problem that we all go through and we would appreciate it being dealt with.

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