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Say Anything’s New Album Leaked

Popular pop-punk band Say Anything‘s new CD has been leaked to the open public and some are claiming anarchy.

The website MediaFire.com is host to thousands of other media and pre-released CD’s, including the upcoming album “Anarchy, My Dear” by Say Anything. Some fans are already upset with the work done with this album. “Its good to see Max Bemis back at it again putting out another Say Anything CD” said John Cekovsky, junior at Bloomsburg University. “But I feel that the CD was overproduced. Anarchy, My Dear lacks the emotion and thought put into the lyrics of previous CDs…”

Luckily enough, I got my hands on what could possibly be one of my favorite CDs by the band yet. In my opinion, Say Anything has never really conveyed that they put much thought into their lyrics. One of the main reasons they’ve become my favorite band is because of how blunt and thoughtless the lyrics actually are. Back in 2006, the band released its hit single Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too, which was a song purely about phone sex.

The band has added new sounds and styles to their songs without “selling out,” as some fans say when a band changes their music. It gets your heart racing and your car speakers bumping. They’ve successfully created a new sound without changing their bases. Any band who can successfully do this gets two thumbs up and a bowl of respect from me.

This album pushes the limits of the band’s care-free nature starting with the song Burn A Miracle, which when sung sounds like “Burn America.” Do I believe the band is full of anarchists? No. I do believe they were trying to top every other fantastic album they’ve put out, each one harder to top than the other.


Here is a list of tracks to the album:

  1. “Burn a Miracle” 3:54
  2. “Say Anything” 3:02
  3. “Night’s Song” 3:44
  4. “Admit It Again” 4:13
  5. “So Good” 4:29 
  6. “Sheep” 2:55
  7. “Peace Out” 5:17
  8. “Overbiter” 3:27
  9. “Of Steel” 4:10
  10. “Anarchy, My Dear” 5:43
  11. “The Stephen Hawking” 7:39


The album continues with a few more upbeat songs then changes tempo after the fourth song,  Admit It Again. The song is a sequel to their song Admit It off of the album “…Is A Real Boy” doing what they do best, telling society how things are. The rest of the CD has some great, mellow foot-tappers, but I prefer the faster songs they’ve done.

Say Anything has once again created one more catchy album to put the public in its place. The album is so good that I’m still going to purchase the CD itself when it comes out. I would definitely recommend buying it when it comes out on iTunes and in stores on March 13.