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Robyn Lawley’s Big Problem

Guys look for different features in a beautiful woman; from their body, makeup, and clothing, men look for it all. However, there is one feature that men would like to see more of, yet, women don’t feel comfortable showing it.

Robyn Lawley is a model for Ralph Lauren. Recently, she posed for the cover of Vogue Italia magazine. One photo in particular shows that Lawley from the neck down, wearing a corset, while standing with her legs closed with her right hand on her hip. The only problem was that she did not show a “thigh gap”, which was frowned upon by many people.

When the picture went viral, it received a lot of threatening comments as the users were calling Lawley “too fat” and “hefty.” To sum it up, the situation got to the point where she responded by saying “You sit behind a computer screen objectifying my body, judging it and insulting it, without even knowing it.”

Lawley has had a successful career as a model; she has her own swimsuit line and has won numerous awards for her work up until this point. She is only 24-years old, so the assumption can be made that she has plenty of years left to achieve bigger and better things.

In my opinion, the experience that Lawley went through is, by no means, something that she will ever forget because of the offensive comments. She is required to pose for photo shoots and the photographers want her to do as they say; when it comes to posing for the pictures.

Modeling is the profession that she chose and she will have to deal with everything that comes with being in the public eye, meaning that she will have to endure reading comments and/or answering questions about her profession.

If Lawley is doing well as a model, then that is all that counts, because it is something that she loves to do. The negative feedback that she receives from anonymous people should not matter to her because she is succeeding and she continues to succeed each and every day in the workplace.

Personally, when I look at a picture of a model, I don’t focus on one particular aspect of the overall photo. I think that female models should be able to pose however they want to, whether or not they want to show thigh gaps, it doesn’t bother me. I understand that Robyn Lawley is a model who wants to be classy when she poses and I have no problem with that. The people who posted those comments need to get a life.

“God made everybody beautiful and we should all embrace that while still trying to be healthy.” -Alexandra Mullen