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Reasons Why Your Mom Is Your Best Friend

Moms are great, especially when they’re your best friend. Having a mom and a best friend in one package might just be one of the greatest things in the world and here’s why:

She can take one look at you and knows exactly what mood you’re in.


With that one look, she not only knows how you’re feeling but what you need with that feeling. Whether you’re upset and she knows that you need ice cream or to go shopping, or you’re happy and she knows that you just want to share that feeling with her, she can tell from merely looking at you. What’s better than someone knowing what you need for your mood?

She’s always there to help you.


No matter what, your mom will be there for you. Your mom loves you and is willing to do whatever she needs to help you, and she will defend you to her death. Yes, you may disappoint her at times, but even through that disappointment, she will be there to fix things and make it better. There’s no one else you can rely on more.

She’s seen you at your worst, but still loves you.


Your mom has seen you when you’re an emotional wreck, when you’re miserably sick, when you’re mad at the world, and any other possible mood or state of being you can be in. Even in your disgusting states and sometimes extremely rude moods, your mom still loves you. She will excuse your moodiness because she knows it happens to everyone and she does not care what you look like when you’re sick or having a bad day because, well, she gave birth to you and has seen it all. It’s a great feeling to have someone love you no matter what.

She gets your sense of humor perfectly.


Because, most likely, she has the same one. She can crack you up like no other and have you crying hysterically from laughing so hard. What’s better than sitting around and having laughing fits with your mom/best friend?

She’s a great shopping partner.


She’s almost always willing to take you shopping. She loves picking out clothes for you that she secretly wishes she could wear, and you love that she buys you stuff. Not only that, but a girls day out is always a nice way to spend a day.

You can tell her anything.


She doesn’t judge. She is always willing to listen, and when you want/need it, she will insert her advice. If there’s drama between you and your friends, you can tell her; she’s not going to get in the middle of it. If you think you made a terrible mistake, she will listen to you and help you fix it. If you have a pointless story that you feel the need to tell, she will sit down and pretend to be interested in it. She is always there to talk to.

You can be completely candid around her.


She knows you. Whatever you do won’t surprise her. If you give her sass, she’s expecting it and will give it back. If you dance around the house, singing on the top of your lungs, she’s there to join you even though you both sound terrible and can’t dance for the life of you. If you’re pigging out, she will grab a fork and join you. She’s the person you can be a complete weirdo around and won’t care.

She’s there for life.


Your mom isn’t going away. She will be around forever. Even if you don’t want her there, she will always be willing to be there for you. You might as well enjoy it because who else is willing to be your best friend since birth?


The reasons above are just a few of the many reasons why your mom is your best friend. So, go on and give your mom a call or spend the day with her and enjoy your built in BFF from birth.