You won’t be getting away with paying 50 cents for your beers

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Nights out are expensive as shit

aint nobody got time for dat


So you’ll have to pregame, and most of the time you’ll probably be alone

emma stone

You can’t just walk to the nearest bar

son of a nutcracker


You have to result to relying on your parents to drive you everywhere like back in middle school


When you don’t have a ride, you may have to be a DD



I want to be the DD…..said no one ever

no 2

Your parents are secretly judging you when you’re hungover




They will basically make you feel like you’re an alcoholic every time you drink


You’ll start to wonder how you didn’t go crazy living at home while you were in high school

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You actually have to make plans to hangout with people because your friends aren’t a couple of steps away

conch shell

You’ll hibernate in your room binge watching Netflix for days



Your parents want to know where you’re going every.single.time

as if

Two words: Winter job



Those nights of drinking during the week are slim to none


You become a lightweight from not drinking as much. I guess that’s what Boosburg does to ya



You go through withdrawal from missing your friends


Finding out that drinking with your family is just as fun as drinking with your friends

high 5


Raiding your parents liquor/beer stash and it’s not Vlad


You can’t get Bloomsburg drunk at home, because it’s not the same



Don’t even think about bringing anyone home after a night out

tim riggs

When you see people while you’re out, instead of waving, you duck and cover



Your parents will actually want you to do things and be a real person



No pretzelini drunk food at the end of the night



You’re not within screaming distance of your roommates

can anyone hear me