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Ready for the Biggest Victory of All


Misty, Lentczner's Obama supporting dog
Misty, Lentczner's Obama supporting dog

Driving through Bloomsburg on November 4th may be a burden to some because there are cars everywhere and people are crossing the street at the most random of spots. But this is a good thing for the election volunteers at 22 East Main Street.

This is the location of the Columbia County Democratic Party headquarters. Upon seeing the building, one knows that this is where Barack Obama is getting his support from the town because there are stickers and signs covering the windows that support the Democratic candidate. The most prominent aspect, however, is a huge mural to the right front window.

Joan Lentczner, one of the volunteers, sits inside with her dog, Misty, waiting for Obama supporters to come in. Working here since September 8th, when the office opened, Lentczner is a friendly woman who is willing to answer any and all questions.

Joan McCarty sits beside her, offering stickers and posters to the townspeople who enter.

The group here has become a family over the past few months and will be watching the election on a big screen television in the back of the office together this evening.

“There is no other place I’d rather be tonight,” exclaimed Lentczner.

With each new volunteer that enters the building, one cannot help but sense their immense excitement for the 2008 presidential election.

Though not a volunteer, Chris Young, a Columbia County commissioner, walks into the building. As a McCain supporter, Young is not afraid to wish the Democrats luck as the polls are being bombarded by Bloomsburg residents. Young has visited the polls and stated that poll workers seem to be extremely stressed by the masses of people voting in this election.

Young goes on to say that this is one of the most exciting elections that he and the volunteers will probably ever see in their lifetime and although he is a McCain supporter, he still feels as though Obama could very well win this election.

After Young exits the building, the women continue to talk about what else needs to be done before the polls close and the office closes this evening. Lentczner wishes luck to each volunteer that leaves, not only for the volunteer personally, but also for the country.