Product Review: Skechers Resistant Runner

With the recent obesity epidemic, society needs all the help it can get cutting those calories. What better way to burn calories and tone your body by just wearing shoes? Skechers has claimed to create a shoe that does just that. BUnow received a pair of Skechers Resistant Runner Shoes (SRR) from the Skechers Fitness group and we’ve decided to put them to the test.

According to Skechers Fitness Group the SRR shoes claim to have an advance design that provides comfort along with many other special features. They also called them the most innovative shoes in 30 years, burning up to 13.8 more calories.

After wearing the SRR shoes I was impressed with them. Initially I heard about the original Shape-Up shoe that Skechers had released in previous years, and as a person in my early 20’s, was not drawn to its design. I was very surprised with the shoes when I first received them. Keeping the same principle of the Shape-Up, Skechers re-amped the design and produced a whole new line designed for fitness. Skechers Fitness Group has shoes for daily activity from walking, running, working, trails, and even training.  The shoes appear to be more stylish and suitable for all ages.

When I first put the shoe on I noticed one major difference than any other shoe I have worn; I felt no heel. It felt like a chunk was taken out of the back. The reason being is that these shoes were made for people to walk correctly. The correct way and most healthy way to walk are striking with your toes first instead of your heel. These shoes completely eliminate heel striking and make the shoe-wearer strike with their toes first. It still feels awkward for me when I wear the shoes because after walking for so long striking on my heel, it’s weird for it to be suddenly eliminated.

After a month of sporadically wearing the SRR shoes I did not see any visible change in the areas of target the shoes are intended for. However, while running with the shoes I felt more comfortable. The shoes have amazing cushion that help with the impact of your foot on the ground. After a mile run, my feet did not hurt as much as other shoes that did not have as much cushion. The shoe allows for a “good bounce” as you run.

However, while walking on flat surfaces with the shoes, I didn’t notice any strain on my leg muscles. On the other hand, while walking on inclines, such as steep hills, I could really feel the shoes targeting my leg muscles. The elimination of the heel forces your leg to come down on your toes, in turn, exercising your gastrocnemius, otherwise known as your calf muscle.

Overall I did not notice a visible change in the areas that the SRR shoe was supposed to target. However, what impressed me the most was how comfortable the shoe was. Being an avid person who likes to exercise, the SRR shoe did provide cushion and comfort when running and even playing fast paced activities such as racquetball.

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