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#PinnersProblems: The Braided Scarf

If you have ever seen me power walking across Bloomsburg’s campus you will normally find me with two things

1) Coffee or chai tea in my hands
2) A scarf wrapped around my neck.They are both part of my go to outfit: a simple pair of jeans, a plain t-shirt, a scarf and coffee (for sanity). It’s my go-to because my overly critical roommate refuses to let me wear yoga pants in public (except on Fridays- seriously it’s like having a Mean Girls Rule). So I often pick the jeans and scarf combo so I can go for the “I’m pretending like I tried this morning to put myself together” type of look when really I’m caffeine deprived and about to have a meltdown in the line of Starbucks.Anyways since I wear scarves so often, I feel like I repeat the same ones all of the time.

I was thrilled when I found this adorable scarf on Pinterest. I was all “watch me make this scarf and everyone will be super impressed by my skills.” So I read the directions and my first red flag should have been that sewing was involved. But “don’t worry, I have a short cut” my inner optimist said.

What is the shortcut you ask? Let me lay some knowledge on you that my grandma introduced me to: Stitchery Witchery.  It is an adhesive that uses the heat of an iron to mend fabrics together. Perfect. I shall never sew again. Take that 7th grade home economics! 

So I go about my business cutting the t-shirts and “stitching” them together…and then I realized I didn’t turn the fabric ‘right sides together’ which I guess means inside out? Oops. Not to worry, Stitchery Witchery did such a good job I wasn’t even fazed by my own stupidity. Then I realized my pieces were short and fat and the pictures on the website were long and skinny.

So I used my hulk strength to try and stretch my fabric out. It didn’t work. I knew I was screwed but my roommate was laughing and snapping pictures left and right- so I kept my cool and pretended I knew what I was doing. 

Then I started to tackle the “braid” part of the process. This step alone made me feel like a fish trying to climb an oak tree. I was so confused. I couldn’t quite figure out how to make this tail of fabric, go through the loop of that fabric, or why I needed the blood of a virgin in order to make the magic twisting spell of the scarf work. The last part was an exaggeration, but I’m convinced that sacrificing a local teenager would be easier than what I had to go through. Unfortunately, Pinterest doesn’t use spells if it did I’d have a cool scarf, instead I have this.right- so I kept my cool and pretended I knew what I was doing. 

Fail. I failed miserably.

The scarf was stupid and bulky and didn’t hang right. The “braid” looked ridiculous.

Here is my #PinnerProblems confession:
If this picture doesn’t SCREAM “I don’t know what I’m doing” I don’t know what does.

My name is Sarie and I am addicted to Pinterest. My “braided scarf” was a miserable fail.I ruined two shirts in the process of my addiction. RIP Tie Dye shirt.


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