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Peeps: Yay or Nay?

Peeps: the officially candy of Easter (unless you ask the Cadbury egg people). The grossest, tastiest, ugliest, cutest, most loved and hated sweet treat of all time. It may be worse than the mayonnaise and Miracle Whip argument. An argument that has separated girlfriends from boyfriends, parents and children, and family and friends.

Are these colorful marshmallow candies something to passionately argue and throw furniture over? I believe so. I put a poll on my Facebook status and got 31 reactions in seven minutes. I ran this poll for 15 minutes and got 49 responses. People are very passionate about letting everyone know their like or dislike for something, especially on social media.

A single Peep

For users who liked Peeps, I simply had them like the status. If they did not like peeps, I had them click the “angry” reaction. For those who were in the middle, I had them choose the “wow” reaction. This was taken by people who I am friends with on Facebook.

21 users liked peeps, 18 users hated them and nine were in the middle. For some reason, a Facebook friend of mine, Tim, reacted with “love,” which was not one of the reactions. Tim, I loved the effort, but it wasn’t correct.

You can also consume bunny Peeps

Did that just end this argument? Probably just as much as Kendell Jenner’s Pepsi commercial ended racism and police brutality.

Even though peeps are primarily used in the Easter season, you can spot them during Halloween and Christmas as well. They are made of sugar, corn syrup, gelatin, food dyes, and its haters.

Who knew when it was made in Pennsylvania, back in 1953, that it would create such a polarizing fan or hate club. Just the mere sight of these fluffy colorful birds can send certain people in a sugar rush or a rush for the exit door.

So, what do you think of peeps? Yay or nay?

As for my opinion, I’m not saying a “PEEP!”

I’m so funny, please clap for me.

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