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Own Your Drunk Actions

Alcohol can make us say and act in ways that would horrify us sober and make us question why we ever decided to get drunk again. But for all you people who wake up the next morning looking through your texts internally screaming because of what you did, this article is for you.

Here are some of people’s actions that they do intoxicated that they may be embarrassed about, but they should just own it.


1.Yeah I drunk texted you but I don’t care because I’m going to do it again next weekend, so be prepared.



2.Eating my body weight in pizza and pretzelini’s……my metabolism is still in its prime.


3. Thinking you can dance… I know, I know my choreographed dance from eighth grade is a masterpiece and you’re just jealous.


4.Dancing aggressively on every elevated surface you can find: stages, bars, and tables, there is no discrimination.


5. Becoming the little social drunk butterfly you are, talking (which basically means flirting) to every bouncer, D.J, and bartender you come into contact with.



6. Remember that kid in your class you wanted to talk to? Well you did talk. Who knows what the conversation was about but at least it was better than a sober conversation of “can I borrow a pen?”

spice up life


7. Sleeping with your clothes on because changing is overrated.

not today

8. Thinking you hooked up with Channing Tatum while he more resembled Zach Galifianakis because beer goggles are a real thing (Sorry, Zach. I still love you.)



9. Tweeting nonsense that you would never say sober is why the delete button was invented.


10.Not knowing what you Snapped people last night. Unless they screenshotted it, I was only embarrassed five or maybe seven seconds of my life. lizzie mcguire


11.Convincing yourself karaoke was a good idea. I mean if I sound good in the shower, I’ll sound good at the bar right?

pocket full of sunshine

12. Getting kicked out the bar is not a big deal; it’s more of an honor that you were that drunk.


13. Going to the bathroom with complete strangers and now we’re best friends.

drunk girls

14. Tell people exactly how you feel about them; they say drunk words speak sober thoughts.


15.Buying random people a round of shots… that has to be some good karma right there. Karma for the drunk and needy.


16. Losing your I.D. at the bar but technically it’s misplaced because it has my face on it.

bikini bottom

17. Having the desire to fight with someone…alcohol knows how to make you feel invincible.


18. Not making it in bed and you end up sleeping on the floor…the floor was too comfortable to move.


Whether you have done all of these things while drunk or……… who we kidding we all have completely embarrassed ourselves while drunk. In the grand scheme of things it happens to everyone and if people remember stupid things you do they weren’t drunk enough. But without these moments we wouldn’t have some of the laughing so hard your bellyaches, stories.



I'm a senior at Bloomsburg University studying journalism. I'm interested in fitness, celebrities, and beauty. In my spare time I teach a fitness class called jumping calories and I'm also in National Broadcast Society.