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Opinion: The Border Bill is a win for Republicans

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Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer went on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Schumer would admit that under the Joe Biden administration, the Mexico-United States border is broken, and it needs to be addressed. It’s not just Senator Chuck Schumer, “liberal” commentator Al Sharpton, would say there is an invasion happening at the southern border.

Republicans will benefit from these remarks as a way of normalizing that Democrats have an issue with dealing with immigration. Why would someone who cares about immigration vote for the Democrats, especially if they cannot fix immigration issues for three years nor cannot find a deal with Republicans to fix it?

The Border Bill

The bill is not something that Democrats should be championing either. When looking through the bill, it reads like a Donald Trump-era policy that Democrats would have cried endlessly about being inhumane. 

The main part of the bill is the closing of the U.S. border when the amount of asylum seekers reaches its limit of 5000 a day. In 2017, Donald Trump’s Customs and Border Protection did the same thing, turning away asylum seekers at the border once the daily cap was reached. However, Trump’s version was deemed unconstitutional as asylum seekers are given the right to due process under the 5th Amendment.

The new “fast-tracked” process for asylum processing presents a significant evolution in the way the system operates. Designed to streamline decision-making, this approach grants officers from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services the authority to assess and determine the fate of asylum seekers. It is essential to highlight that a denied application will result in deportation, without the option for the applicant to appeal the decision through legal channels. While this expeditious process may process cases more swiftly, concerns arise regarding the potential limitations it may impose on fairness and due process within the asylum system.

The bill would increase immigration detention spending to $3.2 Billion, nearly tripling Donald Trump’s spending. While providing $6.8 Billion to Customs and Border Protection and $7.6 Billion to Customs Enforcement (ICE), both being record sums, beating out Donald Trump’s spending. Nothing says the Democratic party values like funding a system filled with sexual, physical and verbal abuse with the sprinklings of Human Rights abuses.

The bill aims to allocate funding towards the construction and repair of a border wall, utilizing previously untouched funds designated for this purpose during the Trump era. The government aims to enhance border infrastructure, reinforce existing barriers and ensure the effectiveness of border control operations. 

Giving Republicans Everything

The Democrats gave Republicans everything they wanted. The only people against the bill are the hard-right of the party and Donald Trump, probably because it is an easy win with the American voter. They killed the bill and will run on the immigration “issue.” By November, the majority of voters who care about immigration will not vote for the people who let it run rampant for three years without addressing it. While, the more progressive side of the Democratic caucus will not want to align with Republican Lite.  

Even if this bill passed, Republicans would still win. We made the Biden administration accountable for the border, and then they would say it did not go far enough to stop the issue at the border. We need someone strong like Donald Trump to secure our border. Democrats will have to learn they will never beat Republicans on immigration. Republicans have always controlled the narrative on immigration and will continue to do so, especially when Democrats resort back to Republican policies. 

Republicans will play the clip of Chuck Schumer saying the border needs to be fixed, with Al Sharpton saying there is an invasion at the southern border. The ad will play with videos of immigrants, saying look what Biden did to America. Elect Republicans to save the nation from immigrants. Then, Democrats in the future will agree to the same bill, while Republicans take a victory lap saying they saved the United States and the cycle will repeat. 



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