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2008 Election Opinion and Editorial

Obama Inspires One Voter to Stop “Sitting on His Hands”

“This year Barack Obama asked us to be a part of something bigger than ourselves, much like JFK did in 1960,” said David Horton, “and sometimes all I need is to be asked.”  Horton is a Resident of South Hampton, NJ and is a proud supporter for Barack Obama in the upcoming 2008 presidential election.

During previous elections Horton has chosen to “sit on his hands” from beginning to end of election campaigns and in the end voting only for the candidate that seemed to be the “lesser of two evils,” but this election has turned into something more than that for him.

Not only has this election been able to grab the attention on this New Jersey resident it has turned him into a daily follower. On many occasions Horton has found himself stuck in front of the TV watching the campaign for hours, almost as though the election had been calling his name.

“Just last month I found myself inside watching the campaign during a surprise birthday party for my sister and brother-in-law. It was completely unintentional, I had turned it on just to get a quick peek and found myself still sitting there 45 minutes later,” Horton admitted. In previous elections over the years he has never seen the importance of following an election from day to day nor has he felt that his vote made a difference but is hoping that this will be the election that his vote, his voice is heard.

There are many reasons why Horton supports Obama rather than John McCain, but has taken interest in the fact that average Americans fund Obama’s campaign with donations. “Americans are donating in large numbers instead of the past method of big donors,” Horton explains.

Horton has even started a personal fundraiser in attempt to aid Barack Obama and Joe Biden through the campaign. Horton did not set his goal limit high because he knows few people will ever become as dedicated to politics as he has this election but hopes that with some encouragement he will gain supports for his candidate of choice.

Along with the method for campaign funding, Horton believes “Obama’s message of inclusion is better for the country than the divide and conquer methods of the GOP.” By “inclusion” he means the bringing together of all Americans.

Obama’s support for inclusion is shown in an excerpt from a concession speech in Indiana on April 24. Obama said, “Or this time, we can build on the movement we’ve started in this campaign – a movement that’s united Democrats, Independents, and Republicans; a movement of young and old, rich and poor; white, black, Hispanic, Asian, and Native America, gay and straight.”

At 55, Horton is no longer in his younger years nor is he among the wealthiest; he is an average American citizen. He said, “The American people need a government that works for them, not for the special interest groups lining the pockets of the government. We need affordable healthcare for everyone, we need college education for all those who make the grades and have the desire to go, we need jobs in America, not overseas. We need to be respected around the world for our idea’s and not because of our military strength, we do not need a war to receive oil.”

“We need change,” Horton nodded.  This campaign has brought two separate images of America to Horton’s attention; one of an America he knew and another of an America he no longer recognized nor felt part of. Horton believes that after eight years of lies, deceit, and shredding of the Constitution of the United States the American people deserve more. Horton is tired of living in an America that does nothing for the people; he wants to bring back the America he once knew and loved.

As a Vietnam veteran Horton takes pride in being an American but in the past years the government has taken a toll on how often America has made him proud. It is time to change the way America is being portrayed and the only way to change that is the end the eight-year streak of Republican domination. “After eight years, enough is enough,” Horton declares, believing Obama and running mate Joe Biden can change what the American people have been dealing with.

Horton believes that although there are many reasons that Obama should have chosen Hillary Clinton as his running mate, there are just as many reasons as to why it was best not to choose her.  “Biden is a good pick, the correct pick, he has an understanding of the majority and a strong grasp of world affairs,” Horton says with support and finishes with an air pump of his fist and a loud “Obama and Biden 2008!”