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New in Fashion: LuLaRoe

New fashion companies are developed all the time, but many fail to gain enough attention to keep up with the rest of the fashion world. This is not true for a new company, LuLaRoe which is unique in its styles and story. The creator of the brand, DeAnne Stidham, wanted to create a brand that mirrored what she wanted in life: to be a successful businesswoman and spend time with her family and her loved ones. The LuLaRoe company accomplishes this by only being available for sale through retailers.

You’ve probably been added to a LuLaRoe retailer’s Facebook group by a friend. Retailers do their sales of the LuLaRoe brand through pop-up sales, parties hosted by others at their home or another location, social media, and a program called “Roe with Me.” Social media pages often have a lot of conversation between the retailer and shoppers as well as contests to win pieces or “LuLaRoe cash,” which is credit to be used toward LuLaRoe items. Many are most familiar with the brand’s leggings, which are arguably their hottest items. Their slogans are “simply comfortable” and “where fashion meets comfort.” So, each piece is designed with the idea of style and comfortability in mind. Their leggings are said to be the “comfiest leggings ever” by shoppers.  The feedback most offered by shoppers is how unbelievably comfortable everything is, even dresses and skirts. I am the owner of a few LuLaRoe pieces now, and I could not believe how truly comfortable and soft all my pieces are, even my pencil-skirt like piece, the Cassie.


Their styles range from leggings, to t-shirt dresses, maxi-skirts, t-shirts, baseball tees, and even dressier options of more form-fitting dresses and skirts. The pieces’ styles are designed with many women’s bodies in mind. Their sizing charts suggest how many sizes to go up or down for a certain fit, providing many options to how the garments cater to a woman’s body. The brand truly has been designed with every woman in mind. From their unique styles, patterns, fits, and empowering women by providing a unique business for retailers, they’re truly a female empowering brand. Their business model allows retailers to design their own schedule, work from home, be in constant communication with other women, empowering them as they pick out their LuLaRoe garments, and spend time with their loved ones. It’s no wonder there are so many people becoming LuLaRoe retailers.

As far as the fashion goes, the pieces truly are unique. Each piece has a unique name, like The Amelia dress, Cassie skirts, Randy tees, Perfect tees, Irmas, etc. The patterns which adorn these pieces are so unique and they range from stripes, to floral prints, to even more unique patterns including animals, bicycles, birds, and other funky shapes and geometric prints. They do have solid pieces as well, but the whole fun of a LuLaRoe item is branching out and trying a new pattern or bright color that can be worn with a ton of outfits in so many ways.

Click here to view some of the LuLaRoe collection. And if you’re now dying to try LuLaRoe yourself, click   to find a retailer near you.

Leave your thoughts on the brand or pictures of you in your favorite LuLaRoe items below!


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