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Need to print something in a rush? Don’t use library computers.

Has anyone else noticed that the majority of the computers in the library are incredibly slow this year? Well, I have. Every time my friends and I go to the library to print papers out for class, nothing happens! This is because the library has recently upgraded to Windows 7 on all of their computer networks. The computers are all connected to the same network, thus making it hard to do much of anything on them without getting frustrated.

Just the other day I was sitting and staring at the blank start up screen for at least 20 minutes before one of my classes. I couldn’t believe how much time I wasted doing it too.  When I even got into the network, I couldn’t print anything because it wouldn’t load at all. This is a serious problem for students and event faculty members, who I always see using the library’s computers. So, now I wonder why have this problem not been fixed yet? And will this problem ever be fixed in the library?

If you don’t have enough time to sit and twiddle your fingers waiting for a computer to load, use the other computer labs on campus. My favorite computer labs on campus have to be the Mac lab in McCormick. It’s nice, quiet, and there are rarely ever any classes in there. Also, one of my other favorite computer labs is downstairs in the Student Service Center. They have a nice array of Macs and PC’s, along with cubicles so you are not distracted easily. Lastly, is the Kehr Union, where you can print your work easily and it’s a convenient location if you are in the dorms or even off campus.

So, if you have any comments you can tell me, or anyone else on campus why the computers in the library are so slow, help us out!