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National Domestic Violence Awareness Month: A Letter To My Mother


This month touches my heart every year; it’s officially National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. This article is in dedication of my mother who suffered from domestic violence. This month is not meant for people to become depressed and think of all the bad memories they have, rather it is the time to speak up against domestic violence and to help the people that are going through it. Domestic violence is a very serious issue that many women and men go through throughout their lives. More than 4 million women become victims of physical assault and/or rape. Victims may not have a lot of people in their lives to comfort them, so they go down a path they know and stay in their abusive relationship. Some people may do this because they have children to consider or they may be reliant on their significant other for income. People all over the world in abusive relationships need a helping hand, resources such as a stable shelter home, or some type of guidance. Here is a short letter to my dear mother, in the honor of this month.

Dear Mama,

It all happened when I was about 12-13 years old. It was a gloomy and rainy day. But the rain panging around outside is not all I heard. I see tears dripping down your face, Mom. What’s wrong? I kept letting you know that I loved you. I thought in my head, “Her husband made her cry!” I saw what had happened. In my head, I immediately thought that I wanted to kill him for hurting you. I have not always been the best daughter, but I still love and care about you. My sweet, loving, crazy, goofy, and very intelligent young mother has been abused, beaten, and scarred for life. The bruises on your arm will go away, the helpless baby in your stomach, my sister, is still alive but the memories and scars will stay with you. I know your life was not the best life, but Allah is here with you mama.

At that age, Mom, I didn’t know what to do. I blamed myself for years because I didn’t do anything to stop him. I thought it was my duty to do something. I’m sorry mom, sorry for not comforting you at that very moment. But now you have closure. There’s no need to be scared, Mom. You will forever be in my corner and I will always be in yours. I am 19 years old now and I realize the hurt and pain you must have felt a couple of years ago, that is still haunting you today. My bright and beautiful Mom, you are my hero and a survivor. Through moving to different places all the time and trying to find somewhere to live, you have always managed to take care of your children.

I will never forget the moment he put his hands on you. The tears falling down my face even as I write this today are heartbreaking. You will forever be my #1 lady. I see you have grown into this magnificent Muslim woman who loves her religion and family. We have had our bad times as the years have passed, but the love has never stopped. This month is in your honor. I love you dearly.


Your Daughter, Hadiyah




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