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Music that Deserves to be Heard

With so many genres of artists and bands this day and age, it’s nearly impossible to listen to all the wonderful music the world has to offer.  Unfortunately, all too often, excellent bands and musicians, who have something different to offer, fly under the radar. This is why I’ve chosen to both write about and recommend three recently released albums, which I believe deserve some attention from the land of the mainstream.


Real Estate: Hailing from Ridgewood, NJ, the indie rock band, Real Estate, received positive recognition for their self-titled debut album in 2009.  The band’s sophomore record, however, has made quite the impression.  Released Oct. 18 through Domino Records, “Days” is the quintessential chill-wave album.  Although the 10-track record sounds as effortless as a day spent lounging on the beach, the subtleties do not go unnoticed.  “Days” is a guaranteed pick-me-up.  No matter what the world may throw your way, this album will have you loving life.  Recommended tracks: “Kinder Blumen” and “Out of Tune.”


The Decemberists: The Decemberists’ latest piece of work, an EP, otherwise known as an extended play, entitled “Long Live The King” is parallel to their last full-length album, “The King Is Dead.”  In fact, one could even say that the EP is an extension after the LP, or a full-length album.  Just like in their most recent work, The Decemberists not only tend to a more country-esque style in “Long Live The King,” but they also continue to emit a more mature quality.  Recommended Tracks: “Forgone” and “I4U & U4ME.”


Youth Lagoon: Youth Lagoon is the product of twenty-two year old Trevor Powers.  Although the native Idahoan experimented with many different types of music and bands growing up, it wasn’t until Youth Lagoon’s debut album, “The Year of Hibernation,” that Powers created a music compilation that truly meant something to him.  An outlet to express Trevor’s innermost thoughts and feelings, “The Year of Hibernation” has a very distinct, raw sound, quite like no other. The album carries a great deal of longing emotions.  Laced with nostalgia, Youth Lagoon will have you yearning for childhood.  Recommended Tracks: “Afternoon” and “17.”