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Meet the Hoodie That Turns Into a Pillow…and Back Again


It’s not uncommon to see two everyday items put together in an attempt to create a new and useful product. Some of these items are baffling; the two that come to my mind are the spork (or as they might as well be called…fpoon) and Two-In-One Shampoo/Body Wash. While these continue to sell, there is a newcomer that is looking to combine both home décor and apparel to create the single most comfortable item you can buy.

Enter “The Hoodie That Turns Into a Pillow,” a temporary name for the patent-pending creation from Lehigh University graduates Zachary Gow and Fran Puente. In 2013, the two met in an entrepreneurial studies class and laid the foundation for the idea that would eventually become their product.

“A year ago, we set out to combine two of the world’s most comfortable items: the hoodie and the pillow,” said Gow. “We pulled out our sewing machines and began to work. After creating numerous prototypes, we visited tailors to make nicer, professionally-made hoodies. We’re now working with potential American manufacturers to produce a finalized product at scale, using only the finest and softest materials.”

Gow aims to market his product towards those who travel, spend a lot of time outdoors, have children, and those who just need a hoodie or pillow at any time. Don’t be surprised to see it available in airports, sports stadiums, and university stores before it makes its way to mainstream retail.

Although Gow says that he is using quality materials and an American manufacturer, which boosts the price of each item sold, “The Hoodie That Turns Into a Pillow” is comparable in price to a typical hooded sweatshirt. With the product’s launch on Kickstarter underway, I decided to interview some Bloomsburg University students about what they think the viability of a product such as this might be.

For more information on “The Hoodie The Turns Into a Pillow” check out their website located here and their KickStarter page here.