Math: A Constant Battle of Confusion and Cluelessness

There is one class that encompasses the true meaning of confusion and dismay. A place where everything looks foreign and as much as you learn it, it will never make sense.

            Math. Starting out at a young age we are introduced to math. Even in our young minds we desperately try to grasp the meaning of numbers.

As if it isn’t confusing enough, teachers start to incorporate letters into math. Since we were already having trouble with numbers, why not add the alphabet?


It feels like a constant battle of trying to put together a bunch of nonsense and find a logical answer.

When you finally graduate high school, you think that you won’t have to worry about math anymore. Then you are proven wrong. Math creeps its way back into your life in college. Even when your major has nothing related to math within it, your general education classes require some form of math class.

These are even worse than the ones from high school. You have to take things like probability and statistics; for example, “So I have six marbles and two are blue and four are red. I take out three. What is the probability that all three are red?”

What’s the probability that this kind of question would be helpful at all in my everyday life? It’s not. Math has been years of confusion followed by constant questions. Even when you think you finally grasped the concept it slips through your fingers again leaving you clueless.