Library Starbucks vs. Commons Starbucks



Many people love Starbucks, and there are two on campus: one at the library and one downstairs of the Scranton Commons. Both get good business, but which one do people like better?

I asked people who have been to both which one they prefer. Some things I’ve heard is that the library Starbucks’ hot coffee often tastes burnt, they put too much ice in the cold drinks, and they don’t always have enough of the pastries.

One student likes the way the Commons Starbucks is set up better. Another person said they never know where the line starts in the Commons Starbucks, so they think the library Starbucks is set up better.

The location of the library Starbucks is a bit more convenient because it’s right by all the academic buildings. Plus, it’s in the library, so it’s a prime location for all those people who go there to study daily. However, the Commons Starbucks is closer to most of the dorms, and the Kehr Union building, which many people go to for activities.

The Commons Starbucks is open more hours, including the weekends, while the library Starbucks is closed on the weekends.

I personally think the Commons Starbucks makes drinks better than the library Starbucks. I always get a Frappuccino and sometimes and iced drink, and they usually make it a lot sweeter at the Commons Starbucks, which makes me happy.

Which one do you like better?