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Lessons Learned from the Show Friends

The hit sitcom Friends (1994-2004) was and always will be a great show. It will without a doubt make you laugh, which I can say confidently considering I’ve seen the complete series from start to finish at least five times and manage to always laugh during every episode; but the series teaches you some great life lessons as well. Here are just a few of the many lessons that Friends taught me:

Don’t be afraid to start over and change your life around.

rachel jobRachel taught us that you don’t have to be afraid of starting over. She went from being what some would call a spoiled city girl who had never worked a day in her life and who was supported by others to a strong and independent woman with her own career. Yes, it was a little hard for her at first, but with the support of her friends and her will, she was able to start over and create a better life for herself.


It’s okay to be a little weird and quirky.pheobe

Phoebe, also known as Regina Phalange when she wanted to use a fake name, taught us to embrace your weirdness and be yourself. She’s so odd and quirky, but loveable. From her cleansing of auras, to feeling that spirits pass inside her or others, to her unique songs like “Smelly Cat,” to her crazy family history, and so much more, she’s not afraid to be who she is and her friends love her for it.


Sometimes you’ll find love where you least expect it.

mon and chandMonica and Chandler are a prime example of finding love when you’re least expecting it. Their little hookup in London lead to a great love story between friends. The two were great friends who never expected to fall in love with each other, but it ultimately happened and they brought out the best in each other.




Never give up on someone you love.

we were on a breakObviously, I’m talking about Ross and Rachel here. Ross had been in love with Rachel since high school and, in the end,  his wish of being with her was fulfilled. Yes, the two struggled a lot from their bad timing, “we were on a break” argument, and multiple engagements and marriages to each other and others, but they ultimately ended up back together. They were the couple we all rooted for throughout the entire series and our dreams were made in the final episode when they ended up back together.



Everyone has their flaws.

joey foodIt’s perfectly okay to have flaws, everyone has them and they make you who you are. Every character had their flaws, but their friends accepted and loved them in spite of those flaws. Monica was a neat freak and a bit controlling, Ross tended to be obsessive and used “too much hair gel,” as Rachel said when they got into their fight over the list of pros and cons Ross made about Rachel, who was a bit spoiled. Joey loved food a little too much and was also a bit childish, Chandler had problems being serious, and Phoebe wasn’t always the brightest. But, we loved them all anyway.



You don’t have to settle.

rachelThere are two great examples of this; one being Rachel and Barry and the other being Monica and Richard. Rachel left Barry at the altar because she realized she was not in love with him. Yes, she did love him and he would have given her a great life, but she would miss out on having someone to be passionately in love with. Luckily, she ended up finding that in Ross. With Monica and Richard, it was almost the opposite scenario. The two were passionately in love with each other, but Richard could not give Monica something she desperately wanted in life: a family. She wanted to have kids someday, but he did not because he had already gone through that phase of his life. The two ended up breaking up because of this. Since Monica did not settle with Richard, she was able to move on with Chandler and eventually start a family.


Bromances are just as important as romantic relationships.

joey and chandlerJoey and Chandler are arguably the best couple on the show. The two shared a bromance that was heartwarming. They could always count on each other, and they always had so much fun together. The amount of investments Chandler put into Joey’s acting career from paying for headshots or simply paying the bills for the two of them when they were roommates showed how much he cared for and believed in Joey. Of course, Joey was always there for Chandler like when he had to keep Chandler and Monica’s relationship a secret. The two will always be best friends and share a bromance. Even Monica knew how important it was like when she joked about her and Chandler having a garage at their house that Joey could grow old in.


It may take a while to find the right person you’re supposed to be with.

ross marriedThis can apply to almost every character, but it especially applies to Ross. Just think about his three failed marriages. First he was married to Carol who turned out to be a lesbian, then he married Emily but made the mistake of calling her Rachel at the wedding, and then he drunkenly married Rachel. Even in between those marriages, he had some other relationships that did not work out. But, if he didn’t have all those failed relationships, he might not have ended up with Rachel, the one he’s supposed to be with.


Close friends can help you get through anything.

giphyWith a close group of friends like the ones from the show, you will always have people supporting you through whatever obstacles come your way. There were way too many hardships each character had to go through during the show to name, but with every single one, the friends were there to support each other. With the love, support and help from their friends, these characters were able to conquer anything that came their way and live a great life.


Friends will forever be one of my favorite shows, which is more than fine because it has honestly taught me so much.