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Khloe’s Denim Line: Good for the Booty, Not for the Bank

This week Khloe Kardashian, along with Emma Grede, released a line of denim pants called GOOD AMERICAN that focuses on body positivity.

khloe-2-621f5123-b924-4a22-af57-862306c31ec8As stated on goodamerican.com, “GOOD AMERICAN is a denim focused fashion brand designed for a curvier, sexier and stronger shape…GOOD AMERICAN is dedicated to having a positive impact on the community. Pledging to sustain the manufacturing of jeans in the United States and supporting charities that empower girls to realize their true potential.”

It’s stated on the website that the idea for the denim line, which offers pants from sizes 0-24, came from a conversation between Kardashian and Grede in which they discussed the difficulty of finding a pair of jeans that fit well without having alterations done.

The possibility of a more inclusive jean company struck my heart. On more than one occasion I’ve run into the same problem. A pair will fit my booty perfectly, but my legs are swimming in denim. We need more offerings for different body type’s, people!


Kardashian often stated that the denim line has something for “every woman,” and in terms of size this is certainly working towards more options. However, the price tag that accompanies them may make it impossible for GOOD AMERICAN to truly be accessible to every woman.

The denim line ranges from $149 to $215. As one Instagram user stated, “Good for all sizes but not all pockets.” Although gorgeous and undoubtedly fashionable, the general consensus seems to be that they’re not worth the price.

BuzzFeed recently released an article review of women of all sizes trying on the jeans that have caused so much excitement in the past few weeks.

GOOD AMERICAN is available exclusively on goodamerican.com and in select Nordstrom stores.


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