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Key West: The Perfect Destination

*Editor’s Note: This article was written in May, 2017, by Sam Forvour*

In May of 2017, the day after I took my last exam for the spring semester, was the reward I was looking for after very tough semester. The sun was beautiful, the weather was nice, and after steeping off the plane I could smell the ocean water. I knew right then that I was on vacation, especially after I read a sign in baggage claim saying you can take your drink outside.

When the sun had set, then it was time to party. The bar I recommend going to for great music at night is Sloppy Joe’s Bar. Their best band is Whiskey Kiss. When on Duvall Street, the first bar I highly recommend stopping at, is Irish Kevin’s.  I recommend you visit Irish Kevin’s when Jon Solinski is performing, if possible.  As long as you can take a few jokes and have an open mind, you will enjoy his performances very much. Jeff Harris is another good act to see.

Another interesting thing about Key West is the destination’s history. When in Mallory square, if you are into the history of the island, you should visit the Shipwreck Museum. This museum was probably the most fascinating place I visited on the island. The tour starts out as two impersonators explaining the history of ship wreck salvaging. Once you’re finished with the tour and roaming around, there’s a door you can open to reach the observation deck of the island. If you’re not afraid of heights, it gives a beautiful view of the island. Make sure to take some good pictures while you’re there.

The best part about going to Key West was watching the sunsets down near Mallory square. When the sun is beginning to set, a large gathering of people sits with their friends or loved ones and watches the beautiful sight. It was one of the coolest experiences I have ever had, and makes for great pictures as well. Just make sure you’re on time to see it.

When night finally falls in Key West, the feeling you get when walking the downtown area is amazing. It is very interesting to see some of the buildings light up. It’s like being in another country.

When staying in Key West, check out vacation rentals in the Truman Annex. The Truman Annex has some amazing looking rentals and are not too far from Duvall Street and the Truman little white house. Depending on where stay at the annex, you’re not far from the beach or the state park.

You don’t really need a car while on the island. Many people used bicycles and taxis to go to certain places in Key West. So, if you want to keep in shape and burn off some the delicious food, pedal away.

Overall, my trip to Key West was unforgettable, you can express yourself freely and there is no judgement from anybody. The people and the culture are what makes Key West a place you must visit in your lifetime and you can take your drinks while walking on the streets. So, if you’re looking for an island getaway check out Key West, where the party is always going!