Keija Minor Talks Dream Job in Dream CMA Presentation

Imagine meeting the star athlete of your favorite sports team or the Grammy winning artist you’ve been stalking for years.

Well, meeting the Editor-in-Chief of a Condé Nast magazine at the College Media Convention in New York City was kind of like that for me, but better.

Keija Minor was everything you would expect the Editor-in-Chief of Brides magazine to be; she was glamorous, poised, and utterly charming. While many star-studded speakers may hide behind a podium examining their notes as the crowd fills the room, Minor sat in the front row introducing herself to the wide-eyed dreamers as they found their seats.

Saying the title “BUnow” to such a highly established individual felt too good to be true. Her praise and encouragement felt even better.

When it was time for Minor to begin her presentation she started by saying how impressed she was with everyone in the room, specifically acknowledging a “Kristen” for already making the move to online media. I felt my heart drop. My name had just crossed the lips of the Editor-in-Chief of Brides magazine. I was sure I had slept through my alarm clock, missed the 9 a.m. presentation, and this was all a dream.

Minor discussed her journey which surprisingly began with law school. It didn’t take long for her to figure out that this was not the right path for her. Minor described sitting at a desk doing her work but constantly feeling the need to stop and online shop. Although no one believed that Minor would go from having an assistant to being the assistant, she finally got a job at Travel Savvy magazine.

Minor quickly found herself jet setting across the world, and while she wasn’t making much money, she described these as her ‘happy years.’

Eventually, Minor transitioned to different executive positions at L.A. Confidential, Gotham, Uptown, and lastly Brides Magazine.

Minor was extremely insistent on the importance of following one’s passion, “If you’re really passionate about it, success will come,” she said. “Now is the time to try everything.” By this point in the presentation I was covered in goose bumps, and my dream job high had yet to wear off.

Minor spoke of the entitlement that is associated with our generation. She said that she believes the entitled are a small few that try to make the rest look bad, but this just makes it easier for us to shine. “Never say ‘that’s not my job,’” said Minor as she described how crucial it is to be an asset to the person who hires you. You must make their job easier because, “The person who adds value is the person they keep,” said Minor. “Solve problems don’t just answer questions.”

Minor was 27 years old when she discovered her passion as well as the bravery to enter the world of magazines. A woman, who claimed that every audience member in the conference room was ahead of where she was at their age, now works as the Editor-in-Chief of one of the most esteemed women’s magazines. There is nothing more inspirational than that.


Keija Minor’s 8 Ways to Shine:

  1. Be passionate
  2. Master digital
  3. Take a video/TV class
  4. Take a public speaking class
  5. Take a small business course
  6. Be an asset
  7. Work with the smartest people you can
  8. Have fun!



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