Opinion and Editorial

The Adventures of Crazy Dave

Black listed from the dorm rooms and typically seen around campus without a shirt or shoes on, “Crazy Dave” has an infamous reputation on campus. From what most have heard, he had caused some trouble in Bloomsburg and consequently wasn’t allowed to enter the residential halls. This initially made some love him and others slightly hesitant to really get to know him. If you’re looking for him, Dave likes to hang out at Lycoming Hall’s smoker table where he’s typically laughing and talking to everyone who passes by. Along with his shirt being off, Dave usually has writing all over his body from people placing quotes and drawings that they’ve created,  he calls himself the “walking billboard”. This only adds to the “crazy” element that people tape over him right away. Maybe people just judge him too quickly before understanding why he is this way or what his message is. Crazy Dave might not be exactly what it seems from the outside.

With writing scribed all over his upper body, you would just assume he’s goofing off. Maybe wanting some attention or trying to shove a message at you. However, if you were to ask him, he would simply tell you that they are quotes. On his body Dave has his friends write some of his own favorite quotes that he wants to encourage others with. His favorite personal quote is “I’m nothing special, I’m just a good man who does what he can”. Sometimes he wears his friend’s art work, just to give them some publicity for their talent. But his kindness did not stem from an easy home life.

With a dynamic family background filled anger and aggression, Dave had a rough upbringing. His roots bring him back to Minnesota where he was born, but much of his time growing up was in Honesdale, PA.  Much of his time was spent lifting weights to alleviate some of the frustration. With much training and practice in several different MMA styles such as, grappling and different fighting techniques, he eventually started to compete. His mind set wasn’t peaceful, and he didn’t really care. His work eventually paid off as Dave won third place in an opening competition with men twice his age. Yet after all of this, something started to change in his mind, he started slowly shifting from the aggressive young man into a peaceful individual.

After tapping into different forms of meditation and yoga practice, Dave started to vent off some of that pent up anger. Living in the past and lashing out at society would get him nowhere, he thought. He committed his time to just helping those around him, with many hours of unnoticed community service downtown fixing up houses after the flood. Dave is currently a student here at BU and is thinking about switching into the Communications field. He really enjoys being social around people, talking to those he doesn’t know and building new relationships. Dave is open to any conversation, and if there is any way he can help in the situation, he is more than happy to.

Crazy Dave is a man of many stories.  Just talk to him and he’ll go off with the message of his life and what he has to say. He is still a man of mystery, however. With an unknown age and last name, Dave wants some things about his life to be kept to himself. Yet it’s definitely inspiring to hear him speak of just helping others. Dave sees himself as the “Protector of Bloomsburg”, as he puts it. But don’t take my word for it, get to know him, share your own story. Then maybe people wouldn’t be too quick to their judgments.