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Is Romance Dead?

Everyone always says your twenties are your selfish years. You can do what you want, when you want, and evetumblr_n7c0982YTh1riyf8po1_500n who you want. Today, it seems most couples would rather trade in their relationships just to have a friend with benefits. When is it going to be socially acceptable again for a guy to ask a girl on a date, rather than getting stupid drunk at the nearest bar trying to hook up with her and convincing her to come home with you?

Let’s face it, today’s hook up culture isn’t getting us 20-somethings anywhere besides those discouraging walk of shames. Dating is dying out, if not dead already. We tend to make ourselves emotionally unavailable because we’re slowly losing hope in the romance department. Don’t get me wrong, there are still some guys out there that have a romantic bone or two left in their bodies and props to them, they’re the real MVPs.

Today’s hook up culture has a slightly positive outlook where it’s acceptable in your college years. But that’s the thing; it’s  only acceptable in jessieandericcollege. That kind of lifestyle isn’t socially correct beyond  the campus and I think that’s what our generation doesn’t quite get. The  fear of committing yourself to one person actually scares people and that’s  just sad. To those people, I wish you the best of luck when you actually do  want to settle down.

 Hooking up beyond college is a whole new ball game. You aren’t going to be  getting “Bloomsburg drunk” on a regular basis and stumble home with  someone after leaving a sweaty, overcrowded house party. Girls don’t care  how frat you once were, and guys don’t care about how great your sorority  is. This is where our communication skills learn how to make a comeback  and it will show that people today are more interested in having an actual  conversation rather than thinking of your best pickup line to use on them to  get them to come home with you for the night.