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Is Men’s Deodorant Better? 

A shocker to many, including most women, is the fact that men’s deodorant is surprisingly better than most women’s deodorant. Many women, including myself, have made the switch to using this product made for men.

Most brands claim to have a variety of different “formulas” for men and women, and share the need to differentiate the two. This marketing scheme drives those identifying with either of those genders to purchase the product “made for them”. 

According to Insider, “One of the main reasons there are distinctions between deodorants marketed towards men and women is because it makes sense from a marketing and financial standpoint for the companies who make the products.”

Although women’s deodorant is produced in a variety of pretty scents such as flowers and fruits, men’s deodorant is overall better for you in my opinion. Why? 

Despite the gender-based marketing of the hygiene product, many females have made the switch to fumigants made for men in the last few years. 

I personally have made the switch within the last two years from using Dove and Secret brands to Old Spice, and I have never been happier.

As of the more recent, I have even stopped using antiperspirants because I feel that they actually clog up your pores more, causing more sweat. Once I began to use regular gel deodorant, I have begone to sweat less and don’t get those gross clumps in my armpits. That was definitely a win in my book. 

What’s the difference between the gender-marketed deodorants? 

Honestly, there is not much of a difference between the active ingredients for men’s and women’s deodorant. However, according to Fussy, “Some research suggests that men tend to sweat more than women and are a bit smellier too. This is why sometimes deodorants made for men will have a higher amount of active ingredients to fight stink and reduce sweat.”

From my personal experience along with many of my companions, we have noticed a successful difference. I can’t imagine going back to women’s antiperspirants. 


Throughout my research, I have found that men’s deodorant is cheaper than women’s. A multitude of sites have shown that women’s deodorant is nearly a dollar more than those marketed for males.

Despite the lacking difference in ingredients, this drive in price should push consumers to smart shopping for their daily hygiene. 

Overall, I believe that men’s marketed deodorants are better from overall results and a price standpoint. Although there may not be much difference in ingredients, yet the amount in each can vary, the price point sure will drive consumers to make the switch.