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Is it too Early for Christmas Decorations?

With Halloween just passed and Thanksgiving just around the corner, we are seeing more and more Christmas decorations appearing in stores. Christmas decorations, however, were released in stores even before Halloween. According to USA Today, one woman was complaining about the stores having Christmas decorations out in September.

Christmas decorations displayed on shelves in stores

Over the years many people all over the world have witnessed stores like Kmart, Lowes, Target, and others putting out their Christmas decorations before radio stations have even started playing 24/7 Christmas music. The reason for doing so is usually a very common trait of stores in general: to make more money. The earlier these stores put Christmas decorations out, the earlier customers will start thinking of Christmas, maybe even buying presents early. This is understandable. Stores’ purposes are to sell whatever they are selling. However, I do feel that having these decorations out before early November is not useful and will not help with any consumerism.

K-Mart shoppers witness different christmas decorations on display.

While stores can have a sort of subliminal messaging with their products and what they choose to display, I feel that having the products out this early causes people to be annoyed more than gracious. There will be people who will want to have holiday decorations out early and get all of their Christmas-related shopping out of way as soon as they can. However, having those decorations out will probably not help with that. The people who want to start their Christmas festivities early do not need reminders to help them get ready for Christmas shopping; they will already be doing it.

Early Christmas decorations will only stress and annoy the majority of shoppers who do not feel like being reminded of the stress of the holidays just yet. Christmas decorations can be great, but stores should just let people worry and/or have fun with Halloween first, then maybe right before Thanksgiving, they can start putting out more Christmas decorations. Maybe mid or early November even, but having Christmas decorations just after “Back to School” sales end does not make much sense. If Black Friday can be when many people wait to get their Christmas presents, why can’t people wait at least six weeks before Christmas to get their decorations?