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Is Clear Pumpkin Pie Ruining Thanksgiving?

The once creamy, orange holiday pie is now being served in a clear, Jell-O like form.

Pumpkin pie is known for its rich orange color and creamy texture, but Alinea’s Restaurant in Chicago is serving up the newest twist on the traditional pie.The clear pie is made from a distillation of pumpkin pie that is set in gelatin and then poured into a traditional pie crust. The pie is then served to you in gelatin form with a dash of homemade whipped cream on top.

Some internet bloggers are claiming that the clear pie is in fact ruining the popular Thanksgiving dessert and even ruining Thanksgiving altogether.

When it comes to my opinion on this clear pumpkin pie, it is that I am definitely a little hesitant to ever try it. The gelatin texture would certainly throw me off from the original creamy texture of pumpkin pie. Although I do give Alinea’s Restaurant props for being so creative, I think we should just stick to the original version of pumpkin pie.