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Insta Fears

We all love Instagram whether we’re the ones getting five likes or 500 likes on our posts, but while it seems like a harmless place to scroll through a feed of pictures, connect with friends and express ourselves, don’t be fooled. It can be a dangerous dangerous place, and many of us scroll and post in constant fear.

IMG_87561. Liking your crush’s picture. You have somehow found a way to locate the Instagram account of that cute guy you saw once and now you’re about 62 weeks deep in his page when you have a finger spaz and accidentally double tap and “like” the picture of his dog from ninth grade. THERE IS NO HEART ATTACK LIKE THIS HEART ATTACK, and you can’t unclick fast enough. The same could be said for exes, arch enemies, and randos.

2. Let’s be real: too much stress and planning goes into the captions of our Insta posts. There’s the drafting process where you try to be all creative and profound, but usually just throw up a few emojis and one word to call it a day. There is way too much pressure on perfecting our captions and they probably receive more spellchecking than the essays we turn into our professors.

3. Getting called out by your friend. So you took a really artsy picture of your burrito and didn’t feel like posting it until the next day. You try to play it cool and throw up the pic, but the friend you were with calls you out: “YOU TOOK THIS YESTERDAY!!” Thanks, friend.

4. Choosing the right filter. This is key to every Instagram post, as most people refuse to go au naturel when it comes to filters.  With all the editing techniques, there’s a chance your photo goes unrecognizable, and that “toaster” filter might not have been the best move. Next time you’re out, your friends will be expecting a much tanner version of you.IMG_8755

5. Getting to eleven. We all know that on Instagram, eleven is the magic number. If you can get at least eleven likes, you’re in the clear. This is when the names of likers turns into a number and just grows from there.

6. Seeing the person you crush on like someone else’s picture. Say you’ve been talking to a guy for about a month and things are going great… until you’re scrolling through the handy ‘explore’ feed and see that he liked another girl’s selfie. That jerk! How do you bring this up to him without seeming like a total creep? Answer: you can’t.

7. Did anyone just see me delete that picture within twenty minutes of posting it because it didn’t get any likes? Probably.





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